10 food to cook on an open flame

Camping life is the best with a wide range of activities to perform from hiking, storytelling, hunting for small game and relaxing in a hammock. Most people carry packed or tin food to parks, but we are looking for a diet change therefore it is important to improvise. Cooking food together creates a bond and strengthens the group. Here is a list of food you can cook over a campfire.

Before starting a fire, you should check with the authorities whether it is allowed, a fire should also be started on an open surface with no overhanging branches, you should also keep a pail of water or earth nearby in case it gets out of control. You should also ensure that you completely put out the fire when leaving or commencing on the days’ hike.

Foil-wrapped chicken, a chicken that has butter evenly spread and placed in tinfoil and placed over slow-burning embers brings out all the flavor.

Marshmallow, roasting marshmallows over the fire using sticks while telling stories and adventures brings out the awesome experience. 

Foil-wrapped vegetables, for vegans neatly cut vegetables in tinfoil, can be simmered over burning embers for a great taste. 

Whole fish, fish can be roasted over a grill, fried in a pan or roasted in a spit. After a hard day of fishing, you can enjoy your fruits over the campfire.

Bacon and eggs, pancakes, remember to carry with you a pan otherwise how are you going to fry.

Roasted chicken or stake, using a spit, which is a long wooden or metallic that pierces the meat and is held above the fire by supports. Although it takes a lot of patience waiting for the product is the goal and the overall experience. One of my favorite dishes was a fire roasted chicken brought to my wedding by http://rxcatering.net. It was the most juicy, tender chicken I have ever had. The fire really gives the chicken a unique flavor.

Potatoes can be cooked in a manner of ways, burying them into the ashes, frying using a pan, boiling and cooking them in tinfoil. Yams, cassava, arrowroots, and sweet potatoes are also sweet when roasted over coals.

Camping gets you out there relaxed from your normal life, just get out of your comfort zone and try something new, like a new dish, a new camping ground with friends or alone.

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Local travel

Most people dream of traveling overseas to get that awesome vacation, they, however, do not notice the fun they have left in their backyard. Everywhere you go there is fun stuff to do and see, it all depends on the mentality. For some people, the end of the festive season is the end of all trips, until again when they have to plan for another big occasion. On the other hand, having a few days off or the weekend might mean a short holiday to get your head off work and family life.

Here are the reasons why you should travel locally.

Promote local businesses, getting some time off your schedule to try out the new restaurant in town or visit the local tourist market where they sell artifacts, you can get to purchase amazing things at a cheaper price.

Know your country, local travel enables you to know your backyard better, getting to know of historic places, museums, parks, and orphanages in your area. Domestic travel also includes visiting a new city or town where you have never set foot in. 

Enjoy a resident discount, most tourist sites offer residents a cheaper entry and service fee for products, you might as well take advantage of this instead of paying higher in foreign countries. Students also get far subsidized fees, so it is advisable to make that visit while it lasts.

Meet new friends, traveling gives access to new people with different mindsets, cultures, those with common interests. By meeting new people, you tend to understand and celebrate diversity, learn new things and also impact their lives too.

Discover new interests, during vocations new interests like swimming, reading, star watching, hiking, and others can be discovered instead of staying all cuddled up in your room watching movies.

Exploring local landmarks, it gives you the chance of visiting local landmarks, like jogging in that forest trail, or along the sea or a camping experience.

Easy to plan, there is no huge financial commitments and traveling inconveniences, local travel is easy to plan. A visit to the park will only cost you a few dollars as compared to overseas travel. It also gives you time to plan and save up for the big vacation.   

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What can you do on a rainy day at your holiday destination?

When it rains it spoils everything you planned, right? Is it raining and you have nothing to do and you just sit indoors and play board games with the family? Here are things to do or to go to when it is raining at your holiday destination and you didn’t plan for the rain.  

Visit a Museum 

When it rains you don’t like to get wet. When you are wet you’ll get sick. To visit a museum will not only prevent you from getting wet, but it will also increase your knowledge of things you didn’t know. Try to visit more than one museum if you can, or go to a hotel and have breakfast or lunch to get time to pass. 

Watch a movie

There are a lot of sides to watch movies and shows that you can watch online or at the cinemas. Catch up on some of your series, that you forgot to watch during the week you might have missed. Or you can go to the theater, to see the latest movies and shows.

 Go Shopping 

 Malls are the best thing about your holiday for most people. If you have money to spend go to your nearest shopping mall or go visit an indoor market. When you are in a shopping center you can buy yourself new things, and see what they selling that you don’t find in your country. 

Pamper yourself 

Pour yourself a wine and relax or go to a spa and treat yourself if you have been under stress. Or to just feel good about yourself, and go to a hairdresser and cut your hair. Take the rainy day to make your self beautiful and get some changes done to yourself. 

Visit a coffee shop 

Treat yourself by visiting a coffee shop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and something to eat while you wait to pass time. Or go somewhere special, if you can meet someone new in your life. 

Write a journal while you are there experience the culture where your destination is. Things most people do when they are in a coffee shop is to relax and let your thoughts run wild.

When it rains you are bored and lazy and don’t be at home or the home of your destination. There are so many things that you still can do and enjoy when you are traveling, or on holiday while it is raining. These are just some of the things you can do.

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